Nightclub Newbie
Reel Life
Join Harry, Tom, cameraman Joel, and sometimes Ruth as they discuss, analyse and generally make fun of different movies.
Each year, two Universities go head to head in one of the biggest inter-varsity events in Europe. York and Lancaster have been battling for over 50 years now and we have captured all this sporting rivalry for your viewing pleasure.
Societies Showcase
Showcasing the best of Lancaster's musical talent, Soundbooth is our flagship music programme.
Student's Union Elections
The Sugarhouse is Lancaster University Student's Union's run nightclub located in Lancaster town. Occasionally, we like to interview and film the party goers, ravers and drunk people until the early hours of the morning.
The LA1 Show
This is one of our longest running shows with a very broad range of content from Society Spotlights to music events.
ULMS Alumni Concert
ULMS Proms
The annual end of year concert for the University of Lancaster Music Society!
UniBrass is the world's only inter-university brass band contest. Founded in 2011 by a group of students at Lancaster University, this student-run competition has become a firmly established event in the university calendar.
World Cooking
Our hosts try to create a native dish from our guest without knowing what it is! Our guest then demonstrates how they do it, and what the dish means to them.