Each year, two Universities go head to head in one of the biggest inter-varsity events in Europe. York and Lancaster have been battling for over 50 years now and we have captured all this sporting rivalry for your viewing pleasure.

Roses 2014
The 50th roses competition between Lancaster and York hosted at Lancaster. For more information go to "".
Roses 2015
You will also be able to find all of this content and more over at "".
Roses 2016
Roses 2017
The rivalry between York and Lancaster has a long history, full of conflict. Stemming from the War of the Roses that caused decades of civil war in the fifteenth century, this fierce rivalry lives on in the form of the largest inter-university sports tournament in Europe. More at
Roses 2018
The 2018 edition of Roses is set to be the biggest ever! With up to 8 livestreams of your favourite sports, catch it all on
Roses Unlocked 2021